The Dodec

I recently completed a prototype for a networked VR event space that I’m calling The Dodec. That’s short for dodecahedron. Shakespeare’s theater was called The Globe. The Dodec is my low-poly version. It can be used as a performance space, a lecture hall, a classroom, and a group discussion space. Using abstract avatars, you can move around the space, select a seat in the theater, listen and talk using VOIP, cast votes, answer questions, and choose props using hand menus. There is also a pass the mic option that limits the power to speak over the common channel to the person holding the mic.

I will be holding regular events as a means of testing the platform. If you would like to attend, please send me a email ( enterhamlet at gmail dot com). You can download the application below, but you will need to attend one of the scheduled events in order to fully activate your avatar.

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