Learning in VR


How do actors remember all their lines? There are many different methods. Certainly, the basic process of repeating the lines over and over again in rehearsal is essential. But other factors also help with memorization.

"Blocking" is a theatre term that refers to the movements of the actors in a scene. These movements are informed by the goals of the characters and the obstacles in their way. Once the blocking has been figured out, it becomes much easier to remember the lines.

This use of spacial or contextual memory has ancient roots. One well known mnemonic device is called the Memory Palace. Each room of an imaginary palace is populated with some detail you wish to remember. By imagining a journey through the palace, you can then remember all the details stored throughout. It is not unlike the actor's journey in a play.

This is why I created Enter Hamlet. Elsinore becomes a memory palace in virtual reality. Memorizing becomes a physical activity. And anyone can be Hamlet if they want to be, or not.